Minhas Músicas preferidas

   Eu ouço o Kansas desde 1980. É minha banda favorita, sendo muito difícil (pelo talento de Kerry Livgren e Steve Walsh), enumerar todas as canções boas. São muitas. Portanto a seleção abaixo é bastante rigorosa para não tornar esta página longa demais...


Lonely Wind All The World Dust In The Wind Reason To Be
Hold On Back Door Chasing Shadows All I Wanted
Taking In The View Ghosts Hope Once Again Peaceful And Warm
Can I Tell You The Pilgrimage The Devil Game Child Of Innocence
It's You Carry On Wayward Son What's On My Mind Questions Of My Childhood
Point Of Know Return Sparks Of The Tempest On The Other Side People Of The South Wind
Angles Have Fallen How My Soul Cries Out For You Away From You Loner
Got To Rock On Play The Game Tonight Windows Silhouettes In Disguise
Power Can't Cry Anymore Inside Of Me Stand Beside Me
Desperate Times Black Fathom 4
Rock Sinfônico
Journey From Mariabronn Song For America The Wall Miracles Out Of Nowhere
Cheyenne Anthem Closet Cronicles Nobody's Home Hopelessly Human
A Glimpse Of Home No One Together Crossfire Bells Of Saint James